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recipe | healthy pancake…seriously

I had a request to start letting you in on some of my meals and meal plans.  Well, this post has been a long time coming. I wanted to add some better pictures to this post but haven’t taken the time to do that, so I figure better now than waiting another 6 months!

This is what I ate every morning during the last 6 weeks of contest prep…and have ever since!  This was a fantastic creation from my wonderful trainer, Lisa Marie Bickels. I’ll do a blog post on her later! She rocks and is an inspiration in so many ways!

During the entire contest prep I ate the same breakfast every morning, but I added different seasonings and made different concoctions all the time!  It was always 6 egg whites and 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 cup oatmeal.  Sometimes, when I worked with Erik of Lean Bodies, he took out the oatmeal and added in a yolk and/or cheese.  But, every other trainer and all the other diets had the same egg white and oatmeal. I still look forward to this breakfast every morning!

Lisa was brilliant in coming up with this recipe for a PANCAKE or a MUFFIN!!!!  I EAT THIS PANCAKE EVERY MORNING!  And, when I travel, I take the muffins with me. I’ll blog those later when I have a great picture to go with them. I don’t make them until I travel because they take 6 egg whites per muffin tin [times] 6 muffin tins = 3 dozen eggs!!!  And, to be honest, they’re not as good as the pancake.  The pancake comes out more moist. BUT, if you travel, make these muffins and you will have a guaranteed healthy way to start your day!

yummy. topped with honey & almond butter

Pancake Recipe

Mix together eggs/whites and oats.  Add other ingredients. Mix up thoroughly.  Heat skillet over medium heat.  Spray with olive oil.  Pour “batter” and let cook halfway through. Flip.  Serve on plate. Add toppings.

Muffin Recipe

Make each muffin individually in a bowl.  Mix together eggs/whites and oats.  Add other ingredients.  Mix up thoroughly.  Pour into large muffin tin (should hold 6 giant muffins per tin).  Mix all 6 muffins separately and add to sprayed muffin tin.  Bake on 350 for 30 minutes.  Make sure they cook all the way through on the top if you’re traveling with them without a microwave – uncooked egg whites are yucky!  If you can add more oats for travel that helps the recipe to cook through better!

Suggestions to add to mixture

  • I always add cinnamon & I add a LOT.  It acts like flour and makes it fluffy.
  • Pumpkin puree (pretty low cal and adds great flavor, moisture and fluff)
  • Pick your favorite extracts and add for flavor
  • Experiment with natural sugars and sweeteners or just add a bit of sugar or stevia
  • Try protein powder in place of some of the egg whites.  It will add protein and some sweeteners and flavors plus will act like flour and make it fluffy!
  • Try to sweeten with fruit!  Blueberries make a great start to the day!

Suggestions for toppings

  • nut butters (my favorite is almond butter)
  • local honey
  • butter or butter alternative
  • sugar or sugar alternative
  • syrup or sugar free syrups
  • greek yogurt
  • blueberries or other fruit
  • natural, organic fruit spreads

My Favorite (post-contest) Recipe

  • mixture. 5 egg whites.  1 whole egg.  1/4 cup oats.  TONS of cinnamon. couple scoops of pumpkin puree.  vanilla & maple extract.
  • toppings. honey. almond butter.

Competition Variety

  • mixture. 6 egg whites. 1/4 cup old fashioned oatmeal.  TONS of cinnamon.  extracts.  flaxseed. 1 stevia packet.
  • toppings. 1 stevia packet. cinnamon. molly mcbutter.

Vegan Option


joy - I’m wondering if applesauce would help the fluff factor – I see people subbing applesauce for eggs all over the place – may be worth a shot

Nikki - That seems like a lot of egg for only 1/4 c of oats! When I make my pumpkin pancake, I only add 2 egg whites with my 1/4 c of oats. Hmm….do you use the liquid egg whites or actual eggs? (Tip–using actual eggs makes the pancake a little fluffier too 🙂

tori - @Joy – GREAT idea! I never thought of applesauce!
@Nikki – I LOVE all the egg whites, but I’ve thought about adding in protein powder and subbing instead of the oats. Personally, I like the extra egg whites b/c it’s moister than a real, floury pancake. Try it and see and I’ll try your way 😉 I should blog your frittata recipe!

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