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Safety Tips to remember for women


I got a great email this morning and I think it’s true that we need a reminder every once in a while in case we end up in a situation like this, God forbid! Please add comments if you have additional helpful tips. This is the time of year to be more cautious because perpetrators are out there looking to take advantage of those who are unsuspecting and have their minds on other things. Stay alert and watch your surroundings. Someone looking for a victim is looking for someone who is preoccupied, probably not a fighter and an easy target…make sure you’re not an easy victim!

1. Fighting back: The elbow is the strongest point on your body so if you are close enough to use it, do! Also, my husband has always told me to poke “his” eyes out or literally wrip his ears off because they will tear like paper. Those are great ways of getting him to put his hands to his face, free you and escape.


2. Throw it: If someone is trying to steal your purse or wallet, rather than handing it to “him” throw it away from yourself and run in the other direction so that you can get away from this person.


3. Trunk: If you are ever put in the trunk, there are safety cables in most new vehicles that will open that trunk so that you can get out at a stop light or something. Also, you can kick the taillight out (they are made of plastic and easily break) and stick your hands out and wave for help.


4. Don’t just sit: Women tend to get in their cars and just sit there. Either be sure to lock your doors (like I do) or leave once you’re in your car and get to a safe place where someone is less likely to be watching you (like a mall parking lot or work parking lot.)


5. Someone’s in your car: If someone is in your car with a gun to your head, rather than driving where “he” wants you to go, drive into another car or building and wreck your car! This is probably a better option, including an escape and drawing attention to yourself than ending up in the “second location” and ending up missing.

6. “SECOND LOCATION”: This is something I think we all remember from an Oprah show a decade or more ago. Never let yourself be taken to the second location!!! Do whatever you can to not be taken.


7. More about Parking Lots: If you walk up to your vehicle and on your driver’s side there is a large van with a sliding door or a man in the vehicle, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR AN ESCORT! Go back into work, go back into the mall and ask for someone to walk you out. Better safe than sorry!


8. Stairwells: Those of us who are fitness conscious want to use the stairs or park far away and walk into their stores and this is a GREAT idea for health but please be careful. Stairwells are a GREAT place for attackers becuase they are so private and often no one will hear you scream. Use caution in stairwells.


9. Guns: I am not sure how accurate this info is….I’ve heard it before. When you run in a zig-zag or even run away the chances of being shot and hit are low. If you all find any info on this, please let us know!

10. Stop being nice: Would you rather have your life or be known as nice?? This is something that I really need to work on. I’m so afraid of being thought of as a “bitch” that I’m too nice sometimes. Please be more afraid of losing your life or being taken advantage of than looking like an idiot or looking like a “bitch.”

11. Trust your instincts: We as women have great instincts….trust them! If you have a gut feeling, follow it…trust it! You may be wrong, but if you don’t trust that instinct and you should have you will never forgive yourself.


12. Outside your home: These claims have not been confirmed but is still a warning to keep in mind due to copycats. If you hear something strange outside…crying baby or water running…don’t go outside. Call the police!

Please add other ideas in the comment section…..

Shibahn - Great tips… appreciate them :)Scarey that we need to be thinking of all of them all the time!!

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