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Shin splints & New Shoes!

Shin splints….boo.

That’s what I get for upping my cardio drastically (not gradually) and wearing old shoes. I won’t even tell you how old my shoes are. They were still comfortable, but appears they were not doing the job. So, I got new shoes today (see pic below) and even though I think they’re ugly, BOY ARE THEY COMFY!!! They have a wide base so they help to stabilize my supination (maybe?) from my extremely high arch.  They are the Brooks Glycerin 8.

I usually wear Lynco L400 arch supports (and have some still) but decided (at the recommendation from the guy at Sports Spectrum) to wait and see if I like the shoes without rather than preemptivley buying $52 inserts if I don’t need them in these shoes. We’ll see….I think I’ll go back for a new pair!

I’m icing my shins after my workouts now. I’m going to try the fibula (maybe?) exerciser at the gym also.  We’ll see how I feel this time next week.

Oh, and I’m caving and taking my RX motrin that I was given for my wrist and my back. I hate taking meds but Nikki’s right…I need to take them so I am.  (They still hurt though, even with the meds…..I’m limping they hurt so bad.)

Margie - We sell a lot of Glycerins at the running store where I work. They are so soft! Good luck on recovering from shin splints. Have you tried strengthening them by drawing the alphabet in the air with your toes? First try uppercase, then lowercase, and then do cursive with them all connected!

tori - GREAT IDEA MARGIE!!!! I’ve never heard of that but then again I’m not a runner! This is totally new to me! Thanks so much for the ideas!

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