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styleberryBLOG | FIT family Newborn Photoshoot

In case you didn’t catch these via my FITori Facebook Page a few weeks ago, my newborn photos have been revealed via styleberryBLOG!!!  She’s my BFF so I’m sure I’m biased but I can honestly say that she is one of the best photographers out there. Period. And, the best newborn photographer I’ve seen. [There is some freaky newborn photography out there.]  Check out these photos for yourself and you’ll see….she’s the best.

She’s amazing with lighting! I have no idea how she does this. Someday I’ll ask…

And, she picked out all the props for me. They were gorgeous. Although I love a naked baby, I love that she’s wrapped in a beautiful scarf. A scarf I’m sure one day I’ll see on my BFF’s neck or in  her home and it will remind me of this day!

This photo is a gem. All of these photos are captured memories that I cannot be more grateful to her for giving to me!

The photo below is one of my favorites. It will probably be my birth announcement…I know, she’s 10 weeks old and no birth announcement. I’ll get around to it! I’ve been busy…moving and raising a newborn! 🙂

Of course, Toby made the cut! 🙂

And, the many faces of my sweet FITbaby! There are SO many more to add to this list of faces. She is so animated! It’s ridiculous! I still haven’t decided how much of her I want to share with the world. I have a private blog that I’m sharing more photos than I am here. I’m still undecided. I’ll probably just show my few favorites here. And, leave the rest to Fitness and Nutrition….at least I say that now!

So, speaking of Fitness & Nutrition! I’ve redesigned the blog and I’m just about ready to launch. It’s not too terribly different but it is better! And, I’m starting my Sports Nutrition Certification. With what time? I know! I’m working Part Time, my FITbaby is a FULL time job, I have too many hobbies, a house that is too big to keep clean, laundry alone keeps me on my toes[cloth diapering/wipes plus a spitter baby keeps me doing multiple loads daily], etc. I have many posts started. None ready yet. And, the thing that’s holding me up the most? Not the post content as much as the PHOTOS!!!  I need props and lighting and time to take good photos…because every post needs a great photo!

So, stick with me! I’ll get back in the groove. Promise. And, the new blog will be more organized. I’m working on organizing the posts so that they are easier to find! I’m also going back through them to delete the bad and unnecessary posts!

I can’t wait to start writing posts more regularly again! I love this blog and the special people who read it! 🙂

Kelly B. - Tori, I’m so glad to hear things are going well for you guys! FITBaby is absolutely adorable….LOVE the pics!! 🙂

Heidi - I want to eat your baby! Her little face is so freaking adorable! I just want to nibble on her cheeks. I know that sounds totally weird but you know what I mean. She is to cute!!! And could Mommy and Daddy look any more proud!?! I think not!!! Shawna-Tori is right the lighting is amazing. Great job ladies!

Rebecca - She is adorable! The pictures are stunning!

sandi - Your little one is adorable! I’m looking foward to you getting back in the groove and posting about nutrition…but in the mean time I will enjoy looking and hearing about your baby girl!!!

Toronto Girl West - Those pictures are an absolute treasure!!!!!!!!!

What a gift to be able to look back on those years from now! 🙂

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