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This list was all over the news yesterday.  Consumer reports just released a list of the Dirty Dozen dangerous supplements.

If you know me, you know I am NOT a proponent of many supplements. I have tried a TON of them and have come to this conclusion after trying many.  I believe in turning to nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle prior to looking for a pill solution!

I believe most of  it is a huge waste of money or dangerous.  All that I take is a multi-vitamin and fish oil…sometimes vitamin C.  Many athletic supplements are dangerous if used improperly and others are just a waste of money.  I want my body to last over the long haul rather than pushing it to the extreme today and pay for it later!  Just my opinion!!!  And, it took me a while to learn that – I had to use and abuse a few substances to come to that conclusion.

If you do take supplements, read below and see if any of your supplements have these ingredients!

click on the above photo to find the pdf link

Audra - Brain extract? Excuse me while I go throw up.

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