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The Truth About Online Anorexia (BBC)

Just thought I’d briefly share this documentary that is very interesting. I’ve been aware of these pro-ana websites for years….about a decade. The documentary calls these sites “new” but they are not new at all.

When I was suffering from my eating disorder, I visited some of these sick pro-ana sites for inspiration.

I understand that anorexia isn’t just about food and exercise, or about a low body image. There is MUCH more to it!

But, I feel and hope that by giving kids the tools they need to eat healthy and exercise appropriately in order to achieve or maintain a normal body weight and stay healthy, we can give kids some control over their weight the HEALTHY AND FIT way and maybe save some kids from this path.

I think (and again hope) that if I had the tools back then my story might have been different, but I do not know!

I have done a great deal of research on eating disorders and a LOT of my research has led to the mothers of these girls (and boys) and their commentary being a HUGE factor in their childrens’ anorexia!!! So, moms, be careful what you say around your children about yourselves and to your children about them and their weight.

Long story short, I want to bring these sites to the attention of my parent friends so they can be sure their teenagers (girls and boys) are not looking at these sites! Comments welcomed!!!! I’d love to hear what you all have to say!!!

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