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I am here to tell you that I totally understand how tough it is to travel and stick with a workout and nutrition routine. I just got to my hotel that I will be staying for the whole week. I checked out the fitness center and almost cried…2 treadmills, an elliptical and a bike!!! Ugh! Not even a cheap set of weights! Not even a cheap BowFlex imitation!

Also, thought there was a microwave…there is only a mini-fridge in my room. So, the front desk staff will be burdened by warming up my yams, oatmeal, and greens this week. Sorry
I chose this hotel because when I stayed in the one in Phoenix it had a micro/fridge in the room and a complimentary membership to a local fitness center. Evidently all over the country, they are not all the same. I guess I have a little more research to do on this city to find another hotel with a better fitness center or a membership with a local gym. Mind you, I am staying at a $200/night hotel and it still has a sad fitness center and no microwave!
BUT, people, don’t settle!!! I think that should be my motto for life.
I tend to find a way around and toward anything that I want….determination! I am still here for the week and I am not going back to the drawing board for this trip. I will do that for the next one. For now, I am here and I need to lift for the week….SO I called the fitness center I saw down the street and asked about a “free trial membership.” I got 3 days for free at a REAL FITNESS CENTER! There are many ways to do this in another area. It’s a GREAT way to get to use a real gym. If you’re like me, you need the “clanking” of the plates in order to get “in the zone.”

The picture at the top is of Jamie Eason…..she now has a contract with I think she has one of the best bodies on the planet. The last picture is of my favorite (and everyone else’s) fiture pro…Monica Brant. I also included a picture that is pretty close to the look of hte gym at this hotel! Yuck!

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