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trying new things | what the heck are LENTILS?

I am expanding my recipe book and trying new things.  I discovered “clean eating” a few years ago but am just now branching out and trying new recipes vs just grilling every day.  Grilling is great. It’s a great start. It’s easy to grill a chicken breast + microwave some broccoli or put a green salad on a plate and maybe brown rice or yam and you’re done!  But, that gets old after a while.  So, I’m working on changing it up! And, since it’s fall {Yippee!!} I am trying some stews, soups and chili recipes!  YUM!

I pulled 2 recipes for this week that have lentils in them. What are lentils? I had to google it, I must admit. But, I did google it. I did learn about them. And, of course, now I’m sharing this with you!

What are lentils? Lentils are:

  • a type of “pulse” – in the legume family – like peas and beans
  • very inexpensive
  • high in protein & fiber

How do I clean and sort my lentils?

The reason I looked this up is because the caution info on the bag scared me!  I had to research this!  Just like it says on the bag, you should sort and rinse them to clean them. I used my really cool, new, cutting board to do this!  Check out the source link at the bottom of this post for a play-by-play photo series on this process.

How do I cook my lentils?

I’ve been adding them to stews that I’ll be posting on this FIToriBLOG, but you can also boil them like rice on the stove.  It takes about 20-25 minutes.

What can I do with lentils? Lentils are…

  • great in soups and stews
  • eaten hot or cold
  • as a main dish or a side dish

BTW, the feedback I got on the stew from my picky hubby was…”I like lentils” 😀 HOME RUN!

Check back later today for my Lentil Stew recipe!


Toronto Girl West - Really cool photograph! 🙂

I’m very curious to see what you do with lentils. I know they are quite prominent in Indian cooking but I have no experience with them myself.

Sami - I’ve always been in love with Amy’s Lentil Soup, but I’d be curious to see how I could make my own! 🙂

tori - Thanks!!! I got some of Amy’s Soup when I got these ingredients! I try to limit our foods from cans tho! I need to post on that soon. You’ll have to let me know if my Lentil Stew compares to Amy’s!

Thanks for the photography comment! I’m learning so I never really know how things will turn out!

Teri [a foodie stays fit] - I love lentils and that stew you posted look so good!

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