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weight & pregnancy | FITbaby update

I talked last week about my weight during pregnancy and how I’ve been worried that I’m a couple pounds lighter than the “normal” at this point.  I know all of the ramifications of an overweight baby and of being an overweight mommy during pregnancy, BUT I also know all of the issues with being UNDER weight and having and underweight baby also, so I was a bit worried and have been FORCE feeding myself!!!

I had my 20 week doctor’s appointment. We feel sooooo blessed.  FITbaby girl is doing awesome. She is healthy. She is perfect. AND she is growing!!! She is measuring a week ahead. [FIThubby is a wee bit too proud about that!] So, I feel better! She’s getting bigger and she’s healthy!  Woohoo!

Here’s a few pics of her from the appointment. They did a little 4D but she’s still a little too scrawny to see a cute, fat baby face just yet! 🙂

I’m feeling her move now….every single day!!! Part of my posts on pregnancy last week [post part 1] [part 2] was that the anxiety was hard because I wasn’t feeling her move very often. It worried me every time someone asked “are you feeling her move and kick?!” Now, I definitely feel better feeling her move. I also feel like this is part of the FUN stuff [obviously I may wish she would stop moving later when I’m ready to sleep] but for now this is the FUN part  and the bonding part of knowing she’s in there that I didn’t have last week when I wrote those posts!

I’m sorry I haven’t taken an updated belly pic this week! We’ve been really busy!  We have so much going on right now that’s not related to baby.  I’m not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse, but I’m leaning toward blessing. I haven’t had time to sit and freak out about having a baby…there’s no time! I haven’t had time to read every baby book or obsess over birth or anything!

I’m still reading the book Origins [check out my Amazon links on the sidebar] and I have started reading one baby book! I still have time, right?! 🙂  I feel like it’s going to sneak up on me! Thank goodness for good friends. I have a friend who told me about a baby class on base that’s supposed to be great [and includes freebies] so we’re doing that in a couple weeks.

My physical therapist had a 4D ultrasound the other day and showed me her pics, but her poor baby is so squiiiished in there that you can’t see his little face too well! But, he’s finally fat enough to get a good 4D pic! Dilemmas!!! I’m not planning on paying any extra for 4D but we’ll take any of the pics the Dr gives us!!

Did you get a 4D ultrasound?  Have you seen your friends’ and sisters’?

What helped you bond with your baby [or sisters’ or friends’] while pregnant? finding out the gender? feeling him/her move?

Audra - We just got the 4D pics the doctor gave us. Aidan always had his hand on his face, so you could never really see him very well. But Neely, oh my goodness! Her fat lips were perfectly visible. I knew exactly what she was going to looks like. It’s pretty crazy.

tori - She looked like the 4D pics when she came out??!!! That is soooooo awesome!!!! How far along were you when you had the 4D pics taken? Do you remember?

GirlonRaw - Congrats on your pregnancy and your baby to be. I am due in just around 3 weeks and the weight thing has been on my mind, a little, but not much. I figure that if baby is growing as he should, then I will worry about the weight after the birth. Cool scans!

tori - are you worried about being over or underweight? so excited for you!!! 3 weeks!!! 🙂

GirlonRaw - Well I sometimes wonder that I may be a little overweight, but in the first trimester I lost weight, 2nd trimester my weight sky rocketed and now it has stagnated, so I guess I am just a little concerned about losing the baby weight afterwards, but I have a pretty good handle on diet and exercise when not with child 😉 so I think it won’t be too difficult. Plus I intend to breastfeed which I reckon will help alot.

Christin@purplebirdblog - Awwwe, I love seeing ultrasound pics of your little miracle, Tori! 🙂

tori - You’re so sweet! Thanks! It’s such a miracle!!! 🙂

tori - Sounds like you’ve got a handle on this! I’ll bet you’ll lose it fast!! Did you eat a raw diet during pregnancy? Did you post on that on your blog? I’m intrigued!!!

Heidi - Aw cute pics! We actually don’t have a place that does 4d ultrasounds here in town(yes, we live in a tiny little town, lol). And actually, I’ve never seen one except on the internet. It looks great, but it doesn’t really matter that much to me personally. Everyone in town always complains about our ultrasound technician because she doesn’t give you a lot of time to look at your baby and she doesn’t tell you the sex(it goes to the dr.’s office and then they tell you – which I think is the law here not just because she’s mean or anything) but I really feel sorry for her because she has such an important job and a lot of women just think it’s for their own pleasure(or at least they seem like it). I love that your so balanced about that. Maybe it’s just the people I know(or maybe it’s the phenomenon known as facebook where everyone can complain all they want) but so many women just complain! It’s driving me a little crazy so your attitude is breath of fresh air 🙂

Oh, and don’t worry about weight 🙂 Your not restricting yourself in any way so everything will be fine. If your body needs it, you’ll get it 🙂

joy - Helping me bond with baby #1: I read fairy tales (and dreamed about reading them to her one day)
Helping me bond with baby #2: The sweet book “Meditations for the Expectant Mother” ( – was a baby shower gift – and was so wonderful. It has scriptures, stories, poems, words of wisdom and is a great way to take 10 minutes a day to think about your little bean
Helping me bond with baby #3: getting a cute outfit or two (didn’t do a ton of this, but it’s so fun to shop for little girls)
Helping me bond with baby #4: Just sit with my hand on my belly and feel the kicks – not doing ANYTHING else.

emily (a nutritionist eats) - Soooo precious! I literally just found out (like an hour ago) that one of my best friends is pregnant, I’m so excited for her!

Caree - Oh how I loved to feel my babies move!! And seeing them in the sonogram was an awesome feeling. I worried a lot about movements too! I never got 4d pics..but they r pretty amazing!

tori - YAY!!!! Congrats to her for me!!!!

tori - Thanks so much for the comment!!! I love to know who’s here! 🙂 I’m just at the beginning so I have no concept of when she’ll start to kick me and when we can see/feel her move outside my belly!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - Those photos are incredible. I’ve never seen such detailed ultrasound photos — guess that shows it’s been a few years since I’ve seen any. Wow!!

And you do have time to read those baby books. 🙂

Amy - What an exciting time in your life! FITbaby is so lucky to have a HEALTHY Mommy!

tori - What a sweet compliment! Hope the moving has been going well even w/ the crappy weather! BTW, I received the package! 🙂

tori - So cool!!! 🙂 I will find the time…finished Origins last night and plan to blog on it! 🙂 So, onto another baby book. Ordered a few more last night too! Need to read up on (1) babies (2) breastfeeding (3) birth! What fun! 🙂

Roz - Hi Tori,
Aren’t those 4D pictures incredible??? I don’t have kids, but friends of mine have shown me theirs. She’s waving at you in the first shot. OK, not really, but it would be fun if she did. Have a great Friday!! (both of you!)

tori - LOL! I can pretend! Maybe she’s giving me a fist saying…don’t name me something stupid! Or you better give me more monster cookies or else…. 🙂

Jess@atasteofconfidence - yay! glad to hear she is doing well.

tori - Thanks Jess!

La. - I wanted her to be a surprise! Many of my friends have had 4D and their babies looked out what they looked like in. I don’t want to know whose nose she has until she comes out! That was our motto. It was awesome to just look over her and have no idea.

tori - It’s cool. Both my hubby and I have some serious noses! Not sure we’ll find out who’s nose she has until she grows into it later in life!

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