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What do you think? | BOY or GIRL?

Comment below…BOY or GIRL?

That’s the hubby on the LEFT and me on the RIGHT as babes.

We found out yesterday we’re having a ____ and it was plenty clear!  No question!

I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow!!

Vote below by commenting and tell me what you think we’re having!!

(and tell me what you had first or what you want to have first!)

Camille - I think you’re having a boy!
I don’t care if I have a boy or girl first, but I do want one of each 🙂

Amber - Ha ha ha, you already know what I think…but to make it official…little Bolt will need a LOT of pink clothes 🙂

tori - I want one of each too! 🙂 We’re the same way!

Lynley - GIRL!

Beth - I think you’re having a BOY!

I’d like one of each, but know that there is a higher chance of having two of the same sex.

Also Tori, to answer one of your questions yesterday. We have a blog, but I haven’t posted to it lately.

tori - @Beth – there’s a higher chance of having 2 of the same sex??!! Really??!! I don’t think I needed to know that! I was hoping for one of each!

tori - @Amber – one of Charlie’s friends was joking about Nuts ‘n Bolts 🙂

Chelsea McCown - I vote boy! my first was a boy 🙂

Julie - I think it’s a little boy. And that’s what I hope to have first, too!

Christin@purplebirdblog - I’m gonna say boy! And I would prefer a boy if I ever get to that juncture!

tori - wow….a lot of BOY votes!!!

Kelly - Oh, it’s so hard to say….but I think I’m gonna vote for a girl, since you started showing early (which I know is probably because you were so tiny to begin with, but oh well!) 🙂 My first was a boy, then my next 2 were girls….can’t say I have a fave…I love each of them dearly! 🙂

tori - @Kelly – oh what fun!!! 🙂 What a perfect family!

Amy Lauren - I think it’s a boy since it was so clear :).

Lindsay - It’s a boy! If I ever have a little one I am thinking a boys would probably be best for the Schwartz’s.

tori - Hopefully I didn’t skew the results with my clear comment!!! :-/ It may not be as it appears! 🙂

And, wishing you all the best of luck in getting boys!! 🙂 haha!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - I’m going to guess a boy! I don’t have any children yet, but I hope to do so. I need a husband first though. And when the time comes, it won’t matter whether it’s a boy or girl.

tori - Great answer Michele!

tracy - i vote BOY! are you sharing names?

gretchen - Girl!

Colleen - I vote BOY!! It’s usually rare to find out if it’s a girl so quickly. My younger sister didn’t know, but wanted to, until about a month out.

Emily - Let’s see, at 14ish weeks a girl reading would not be reliable so I’ll say you’re having a boy!

Emily - Oh and I wanted to add that the chance of having two of the same gender or one of each is exactly 50/50. It is a myth that once you have one you’re more likely to have the same. Each time your chances are 50/50. Your diet and lifestyle do have an impact on gender though as do your hubby’s diet and lifestyle so that is probably why some people have more of one than another.

Leanna - Boy!!! I’ve had 3 boys. Would love a girl, but wouldn’t trade my boys in for anything!

tori - @Tracy – Not telling names – at hubby’s request.
@Colleen – interesting 🙂
@Emily – also interesting -)
@Emily – how do diet and lifestyle impact?
@Leanna – that’s awesome!!

Sara - I say boy =o) How did they let you find out so early?! They don’t do it until 22 weeks here, and the only reason I found out at 21 weeks was because I was leaving for the States the next day!!

tori - Wow Sara! I’m at the start of 16. They let us find out pretty early here b/t 16 & 20. And, she was really certain. We saw the “goods” on the ultrasound and checked w/ opposite gender ultrasound pics to see what the difference was. There was some spread eagle action happening! 🙂 One OB in town is telling at 14 I heard!! Crazy!!

Ivy - Congrats Tori! This is probably too much info – but my friends and I have a little hypothesis going, and it seems to be weird how accurate it is! Here it goes: If your nipples are more pink – it’s a boy; if they’re more brown – it’s a girl. Bet you hadn’t heard that one before! 🙂

tori - hahahaha Ivy! that’s awesome! Is the Ivy I think it is? Germany Ivy? if not, disregard! I will let you know! 😉
There was one test we did that was right! 🙂 I’ll let you know tmrw!

Nikki Kluttz - I’m thinking Boy!!!!

Ivy - Yep – the Germany Ivy! But a bit more relaxed now than on that trip!!! We still rarely speak of it at our house! 🙂

tori - Oh no!!!! 🙁 You guys had a rough time w/ the sickness and all! It felt like a flash it was sooo fast! Sure enjoyed meeting you there!

Erinn - I’m thinking you’re having a BOY if you found out early. We found out about our three boys around at week 17. Like others said, a girl is not as easy to tell early on. So excited either way.

Heidi - My first feeling was boy but now that I am remembering how clearly our girl showed up on the u/s I’m torn. Your comment doesn’t help me! So I will go with my first gut instinct and say boy. Whichever, I have one of each and they are both awesome! You can’t go wrong with a baby…your very own baby…its a blessing no matter what!

Audra - I’m going with boy. 😀

Rachel D - BOY!!!

Jan Giacomini - Girl….why should you be any different than us???? Have 3….that makes life that much better!!!

Sandi - I’m guessing boy. When we went to the sonogram for our son (the first kid) he was proudly displaying his boyhood on the large flat screen mounted to the wall. for the sonogram for our daughter (the second kid) she was all cross-legged and we couldn’t see a thing! we didn’t know what she was until she was born! that’s why i say a boy because they like to show off what they got.
oh and the multiple baby thing. my hubby has 3 kids total. we were told that if his 3rd (my 2nd) wasn’t a girl then we would never get one. thank goodness she was!

Lins - IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy - Since everyone is guessing boy, I’m going to guess girl:)
Whenever we decide to have a baby I don’t think I’m really going to care what it is… I just want a healthy happy baby!

tori - @ Sandi – that’s hiilarious!
@ Erinn – that’s awesome that all three boys cooperated!
@ Amy – love that answer!! 🙂

tori - @Heidi – that’s a great comment! love it!

tori - @Jan – we love your 3 girls but we’d like one of each if that’s in God’s plan for us!! 🙂

tori - although we may keep going after that 🙂 we’ll see!


Jessica - I vote GIRL!! I so thought we were having a girl again but was very happy when they told us Mason was a boy! My excitement turned to fear when I quickly learned I don’t know how to have a baby boy. lol He is the best surprise and now boy toys don’t seem so scary, esp. after my girls opened I think the entire Barbie collection for Christmas! Just an FYI if it is a girl we have more than enough Barbies to go around!!!

tori - Jessica – so sweet! thanks for the Barbie offer! I’ll let you know tonight!! Well, for sure, one of us was terrified yesterday about how to play w/ the other gender 🙂 I think daddy’s are scared about girls and moms are scared about boys. I have no idea how to play w/ GI Joes and all the creativity that boys have in their brains!! And, daddy’s are scared about tea partys, baby dolls and teenage years! ha!

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