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What does your day sound like?

I just hit 21 weeks in my pregnancy. [More on my recent visit soon!] I am now over halfway there! CRAZY! Every day I think more and more what my new life will look like.  Lately I’ve been thinking about what my life will SOUND like!!

I grew up in a family with the TV on ALL THE TIME! I am used to having the TV on in the background when I’m in the house alone.  I have made a conscious effort recently to turn that sound from TV to music or Dr. Laura lately.  I know TV isn’t great for me. I feel better when I keep it off.  I am more productive and I feel less stressed. Lately I’ve felt like the TV is just another thing I’m multi-tasking between.  I feel better when I can focus on ONE task at a time.

I’ve done a LITTLE research on babies and the info I’ve found is that TV is not good for infants and toddlers. Obviously I haven’t had kids yet. I haven’t tried to get ready or do a task and needed a quick babysitter..enter TV.  I also do NOT take hard and fast lines on many things. I do not like HFCS, but you’ll find me drinking a coke now and then. It’s not going to kill me…just one.  I don’t like absolutes…I NEVER [fill in the blank] is rarely in my vocabulary.

Anyway, as I think about life without TV [or at least LESS TV…a lot less TV] for the next 5 years or more I wonder….what will my days sound like?  Will I have the XM radio on all the time? Will I have Dr. Laura on in the afternoons?

So, I ask you…..What do your days sound like? Did you grow up with TV on ALL the time? Have you tried to break that habit? Any great research you have done on kids, babies, toddlers and TV?

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - How funny — my brother and I were just talking about children and television today. I said when I have kids that I definitely will have RULES about tv/video games. There will be strict limits. Growing up, we never watched any television until after dinner in the evenings. Afternoons were for homework and playing. However, we did watch Saturday morning cartoons. We always had mandatory quiet time during which we’d read or do whatever. I think it really helped me tolerate being alone and quiet — especially during those teenage years when tempted to say, “I’m so bored.”

Heidi - When I think back I never remember the tv being on all the time, but I know my parents watch a lot of TV, so we must have when I was a kid. We actually don’t have cable, so anything we do watch is either on vhs or dvd or on the computer. I find that way we don’t mindlessly watch shows we wouldn’t normally watch just because there isn’t anything else on. At the same time I still think we watch too much. Lol. And my husband doesn’t have the same ideas about it as me. So when daddy’s home it’s a tv free for all but during the day the tv is only on if I need a break. In those cases I like finding short 15-20 minute shows that the kids can watch – just long enough for me to jump in the shower 🙂

Rach - We grew up with no TV. My parents cut cable when I was itty bitty and we never watched local TV. I spent my young years playing outside and being active in sports, art, tumbling, music lessons, choir, etc. When we moved overseas, I would occasionally watching the news, but it was mostly just to work on my Chinese and to try to keep up with what was going on in the world. I wouldn’t even say I spent 1/2 an hour a day watching TV. In college there was no time for TV watching (other than it was sometimes on in the background while I studied since my friends liked to watch TV).

My husband and I still don’t have cable, but we do have Netflix and we utilize Hulu to keep up with shows we like. So I definitely watch more media than I did before I was married. I figure I turned out pretty well, though. I know I definitely don’t want my kids sitting in front of a TV when they could be playing outside. 🙂

Christin@purplebirdblog - My parents let me watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and stuff like that when I was a kid, and I have extremely fond memories of that! 🙂

tori - That is so awesome that you had such a great start and great role models! I want to “stop” the cycle for my kids! It will be a challenge though…it’s a tough habit to break!

tori - Great info Heidi! I definitely figure I’ll need a 15-20 min break also from time to time!

tori - Soooo great that you had such an awesome upbringing which set you up so well…and it’s obvious you’ll pass that along to your kids!!! That’s awesome!!

tori - Classics!!!!! 🙂

joy - You have GOT to read the book “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv – it’s a bit over-the-top about kids needing to get out in nature, but it is just what our over-stimulated selves need to remember what great medicine being outside is to our minds and bodies.

I don’t like any noise/sound in the background in general. Peace and quiet is my dearest friend. (although my husband likes something ALWAYS going) – so we actually will put classical music on during the day – if he’s working from home (sometimes other generas, but not to my preference) –

The T.V. is off, unless there is a purpose for it – i.e. folding laundry, I want to zone out and veg, baby is down and we have a movie we want to watch. Although, I have to say that it is MUCH more relaxing to me to read a book than watch a show. But watching t.v. is so much easier. Sigh.

UrMomCooks - Funny thing is I never allowed TV when my kids were growing up unless there was a show we wanted to watch or a movie we put on together. Now that they are grown I find that I put on the little TV in the kitchen or office and just let it play…But I can’t stand network TV so I leave it on the QVC shopping channel most of the time!!! (Don’t judge – I do keep the volume on low…)

Kelly - I used to like having something in the background too – sometimes TV, but mostly it was always music. But with having 3 kids, it seems that my house is always full of noise from them….so now my usual fave background noise is silence! Sometimes I’ll look at my husband when it’s nap time or after the kids are in bed for the night & ask, “Wait, do you hear that?” He’ll ask me what & I’ll say, “Silence!” 🙂 I’m really strict with what my kids watch…we don’t have network or cable TV at all in our home. We do watch a lot of movies, though. I just like that I know exactly what they’re being exposed to & they’re not watching all of the commercials that are all over TV. A wise friend of mine once reminded me that once our kids see something they shouldn’t, that we can’t take it back…it really makes me pay closer attention to what they watch.

TheHealthyApron - My husband loves the background noise of the tv but I much prefer to shut it off and either listen to music or enjoy the silence. I work with kiddos all day long and so it’s nice to come home to some peace and quiet. I don’t need the tv on but when I’m alone..if I’m getting scared, I turn the tv on haha

Katy @ MonsterProof - Oh, my goodness. This is something I’m currently struggling with. I grew up in a house where TV was strictly limited (no more than 1/2 an hour a day), and would prefer to raise my son that way…but I am a total addict. I have it on continuously. I know I need to try and break my habit now, but it’s actually scaring me. True sign of addiction right?

Graze With Me - If I am home, the TV is on. ALWAYS. This is definitely something I need to work on since our baby is due in Sept. I know for sure that I don’t want to raise a TV-addict like myself but it’s so hard. I crave that background noise…even if I’m reading I still have the TV on for company.

When I was growing up, I was paid $5 a week allowance and we had a TV jar. I had to pay .50 cents for a half-hour show if I wanted to watch something during the day. At night we would all watch a movie or something and that was “free”. But as a teenager I had my own TV in my room and would just watch it all day and that habit has never gone away. I even take naps with the TV on!

Jess - I feel like I watch too much tv and have tried to delay turning it on when I get home for as long as possible. It can be hard sometimes, but I get so much more done without it.

La. - In the morning Gooner is allowed to watch one episode of baby boost and one French lesson totally about 20 minutes. This allows me to plan my day, do my devotions and read a few emails. It is WONDERFUL! And then we don’t turn it on again until the evening if we want. Playing music at points during our day has also proven very helpful when Gooner gets restless. Love it!

Emily - I’ll offer this and you can of course take it as you will or ignore it completely. I didn’t read the other comments yet so I’m not sure if I’m repeating anything.

Never say never about ANYTHING as a parent. You can have this whole idea about how things will go and I don’t mean this in a negative way AT ALL but they will not go the way you planned them. Sometimes they will but sometimes they won’t. Starting from the beginning I said I’ll never use pacifiers, I’ll never do formula, I’ll only let my child eat this, play with that, watch this, associate with these people, etc, etc. I had a whole idea worked out about the types of toys– never anything commercial or God forbid *Disney* (Gasp!) It all went out the window starting in the hospital when I couldn’t get A to stop crying and the nurse suggested a pacifier. Then when I couldn’t produce enough milk no matter what I tried (and he had an allergy) and I was forced to use formula. Things do change. You’ve gotta go with the flow or you’ll go insane. I found A made me a lot less anal person 🙂

Now as for the TV, you’ve seen the research so you know that a lot of the problem is that parents ignore their kids while they are either watching it or letting their kids watch it. Our TV is on all evening and A has no interest in it whatsoever unless there is some sort of music playing that calls his attention. He has my full attention when he wants it and I watch TV or do other things while he is playing. When he watches TV we watch it with him and talk to him about it and ask him questions about it. He is limited to 3 or 4 shows that we allow him to watch and he gets 30 minutes a day but not every day. He loves the shows and as a teacher I can vouch for the educational value of the *right* show. Researchers are afraid that if your kid is watching TV all the time they won’t hear your voice and they won’t speak as well. Well A’s language skills at age 2 were noted by the doctor to be on par with a 3 year old. So clearly the tv in the background didn’t harm his development. Anyway, there will definitely be times when you need 30 quiet minutes to yourself and I see no reason not to let a toddler entertain him or herself with a nice educational show. Happy mom= happy child 🙂 (sorry this is so long)

Stephanie - The TV is never on at our house. Computers are a MUCH bigger distraction! I don’t have kids yet, but I really hope to keep computers and video games out of their lives until they’re school-aged.

My homelife sounds like quiet, most of the time. I live alone (for now – DH will hopefully be coming home soon!). I listen to CBC (public radio) while in the kitchen or the car. I’m trying more consciously to listen to music at other times of the day. I love music, I just usually forget to turn it on!

My worklife…well, I teach first grade. Quiet isn’t something that I get a lot of at work!

tori - You’re so right about computers! That will definitely have to be something I think about also! A first grade teacher has enough noise!!! 🙂 I work from home so I get “quiet time” most of the day. Bless you for what you do for our children!!!

tori - I have to research this. The little I’ve done says that TV is bad under age 2. I also hate the idea of commercials with kids. But I’m sure educational shows will be awesome and I’ll need a break. Again, that’s why I rarely use the word NEVER….who knows! I’ll be anxious to see! I think I’ll use my XM radio more than ever before! 🙂 Or I guess I could turn off the TV and leave the sound on! 🙂

tori - One French lesson?! So cool! I love that idea!!! I love your schedule! It sounds awesome! Do you play upbeat or relaxing music for Gooner during the day?

tori - I do too!!!!! I totally agree!!! When I make it through an evening with no TV I’m proud of myself 😀 and other times I have the TV on in the background all evening and wonder why! Ugh. It’s addictive!

tori - I had the same w/ the TV in the room. And, I’m really thinking about being the crazy parent that won’t allow the TV and computer in the room…GASP! We’ll see! Who knows what life will be like w/ technology in another 15 years! Hard to even imagine w/ as far as we’ve come in the last 15! We’ll have to work on this together! Maybe we should keep a TV hour log when we have our babies!! 🙂 And, force ourselves to post or share it w/ each other! 🙂

tori - Ugh! I feel ya! How’d you go from the 1/2 hour a day growing up to loving it? Just curious? Maybe we should work together and I should post on this more and ask everyone to keep track of how much they watch and then try to cut it by 10% or 20% every week….hmmmmm…..thoughts?!

tori - you have a free pass if you work w/ kids all day. Bless you!!! I would need the silence if I were you!! I feel the same way about being home alone….I need it more at night home alone than any other time!

tori - You make a great point Kelly! Maybe someday once I have toddlers and kids playing and screaming….I might not NEED or WANT any more noise!!! Great points!!! That’s why I ask you all these questions! I get such great responses of things I’ve never thought of! I LOVE your comment about once your kids see something they shouldn’t you can’t take it back!!!! I love that!!! You are the smartest mommy and I love having your advice and input! THANK YOU!!!

tori - No judgement! [I hate those channels tho…they make me sad] 🙁 Is it hard going from a full, loud house to an empty, quiet one? 🙁

tori - I love over the top books! 🙂 I’ve added it to my Amazon cart! I’ve started adding classical music to my day and I enjoy it! 🙂 I agree and I agree. 🙂 Love your input, as always!!!!!!!

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