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Where’s the beef?

If you are tempted to swing through a Fast Food joint….please watch.  It should gross you out (like Food Inc and Supersize Me) enough to change your mind!!! YUUUUUUCK!!!! I think it helps to have this info!

What do you think? Did you already know that? News to you?

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - It’s pretty sick! I haven’t eaten Taco Bell (or much meat of any kind at all in about three years), but this doesn’t surprise me. I think it’s sad and really quite outrageous.

Christin@purplebirdblog - Taco meat “filling”… that’s like chocolate “drink” or cheese “product.” Ick!

Jen @ Canoe of Life - My husband sent me an article on this yesterday, while it’s gross it is great that it got so much media coverage. Hopefully people will begin to realize they don’t know much about the foods they are eating, including the processed foods bought at grocery stores.

teresa - oh boy! I was vegan for a long time and now we eat only organic meat… But my hubby and I used to still have our odd fast food craving which we indulged. Until he read this book called Eating Animals. There’s no going back after that.
We get our meat from U.S. Welness Meats (online). We just decided to keep our meat budget the same and eat it less often, since the organic meat is more expensive. We’ve learned that we don’t need meat at every meal. By meat, I include chicken and fish as well.

Rach - My husband sent this news article to me yesterday and I saw this same segment on the Today Show earlier today. It’s not surprising. Sad more than anything – especially that people just don’t care. Reminds me of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution when he showed children what goes into McDee’s chicken nuggets and they STILL wanted to eat them.

Mary (How to not be...) - EW! I don’t actually eat meat so this doesn’t affect me but it is still gross/sad. However, I feel like I’ve always had a negative view of Taco Bell’s quality, so like some of the people in the video said, I don’t know what sort of impact this will actually have. Hopefully I’m wrong though!

tori - You’re right! I find it sad that these “fast food” options are still EVERYWHERE!!! I know for me….seeing and knowing is what keeps me from eating CRAP b/c I can’t be in denial anymore! It’s so hard to believe what many Americans are living off of…’s not even real food!!!

Sheri - That is disgusting! I haven’t touched fast food since 2008 so I am thrilled I don’t touch the stuff!

Cailin @ Stir Crazy - So disturbing! This just makes me feel even better about avoiding fast food and processed foods in general!

Lynley - This is why I don’t eat meat! It’s disgusting what “we” call “food”!

tori - I know, Lynley! It’s scary! YUCK!

tori - I just get grossed out thinking about what’s in the foods! EEEWWWW!

tori - All it took for us was a documentary or two showing us what was really in them and we were DONE!

tori - LOVED Jamie Oliver’s Food Rev. And, yes!! The part w/ the kids and the McNuggets just goes to show that our food choices are engrained in us at a very early age! Scary.

Sarah R - And this is why I don’t eat at fast food restaurants! Totally worth it to make your tacos at home so you know what it going into them!

tori - SO true!!! Made tacos at home this week before this came out in the news. Just gross to know that many Americans are both overweight AND malnourished b/c they’re not eating any REAL foods!!!

La. - Totally gross. I don’t really care what Taco Bell does, I mean GROSS, and everybody KNOWS it’s an artery clog IV BUT I am majorly annoyed and grossed out that the regulations are only 40% I mean, not even 50%???? And even a 100% beef burger might have SKIN and other nasty in it??? Gross gross gross. I had no idea! Major YUCKY! This is just NOT ok with me! Q and I are shocked every time we go past the McDonalds in our town because it is ALWAYS packed. A line around the building… Awe man, sick!

TheHealthyApron - hmm the video didn’t show up for me…could be bc I’m at work…but trust me, I have done my research on this topic!

Cindy - That’s why it’s called late night cravings, especially when you’ve had a few to many! LOL

tori - LOL! 🙂

Amy - This totally grosses me out. I watched the movie Fast Food Nation and was totally disgusted too! We really have NO idea what they put in food!

tori - Fast Food Nation is a good one! It’s so gross to think what’s hidden in our food!

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