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Why do you watch weight loss shows?


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Why do you watch weight loss shows? I watch them all….kinda. I don’t watch while paying close attention. I’m actually often blogging while I have them on in the background. But I probably record most of them!

Do you watch to motivate you? Do you get inspired? Do you learn tricks and tips? Do you watch to feel better about yourself? “At least I’m not that bad!”

I watch for tons of reasons. I love to watch the trainers and learn from them. I love to watch their different techniques and personalities.  I love to learn from the shows in so many ways. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to get inside the heads and homes of the contestants and learn WHY they’re that way and what their home lives are like.  I love to get inside the contestants heads and homes and learn about our American culture and why we have an obesity problem.

When at the grocery store, I often wonder why people still buy the CRAP…the massive amounts of awful food in the grocery stores!  I often wonder why the fast food chains are still so popular and in business. It helps me to see how others live their lives and try to get inside the heads of my “future” clients!

I also love to watch trainers and learn from them….I learn what NOT to be and what to be. I learn that there are certain traits I want to emulate and others that I do not! I’ve been called a kinder, gentler Jillian and I think that suits me!

Also, I found a dress for my baby shower today!!! $24.99 at TJ Maxx….excellent!! And, I’m still working on putting together my ensemble for the maternity shoot the night before and accessorizing! [I’m the worst accessorizer!]

Do you watch weight loss shows? Why or why not?

thehealthyapron - Congrats on finding a dress! What a steal!

I don’t usually watch those weight-loss shows, mostly because I don’t agree with them. I think they provide unrealistic goals/expectations etc and it just makes me mad lol. However, I have caught glimpses of most of them and agree that it IS great to see how NOT to be!

tori - I totally agree! I am definitely conflicted about HOW they motivate (through winning the show) and HOW QUICKLY they lose weight. It works for some and not for others in the long term, which I guess is true for any plan! You’re so right about unrealistic goals and how our society wants what they want NOW!

La. - I totally don’t watch weight loss shows. They are annoying, unrealistic and mean. I don’t get it. I love seeing the before and afters, but come on.

tori - Tell me more, La! I love your opinion!

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