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Why train your dog? | So he’ll pose for pictures!

I thought I’d share a few updates and pics from the week!

Our life in the military, my hubby is a pilot in the AF, means my hubby is often gone.  He was gone last week and this was Toby’s sad look as he laid by the front door waiting for him to come home!  And, I’m very pleased to say he seems to like my new rug! 🙂 Or, at least he’s dealing with it!

I did not bring this leaf into the house and onto the carpet. It traveled through the kitchen and living room and halfway down the hallway almost to my office. Grrr…..  Keeping a floor clean is nearly impossible with a hairy dog who sheds and brings the outside IN! This picture has definitely spiked my interest in taking a pic of the living room floor covered in his toy mess….teeny little pieces all over the place.  This scares me when I think ahead to having a crawler who wants to stuff everything into her mouth! I’m shaking in my boots!

In November, I posted a pic of my front door and my minimal Fall decorations. I also said that my Welcome Mat that we got when we were married in 2004 was SAD, SAD, SAD and it was time for a new one! So, you can imagine my excitement over replacing it!!! I am cheap, or thrifty, depending on perspective!  So, I had to find a good deal but I also have a rule that I will not bring things into my home that I do not LOVE.  I LOVE this new welcome mat!  I liked the well-placed [placed by the wind, not by me] leaf on there when I took the pic but I don’t love it now. I think I should have moved the leaf.  Details. Details.  I love how my new rug matches my entry and it’s just ME! Love it!

So, to take the pic above I had to open the front door. Toby LOVES to go out the front door and explore the front yard. NOT this day! I wanted him to stay put. I picked the wrong time of day to take this pic because I couldn’t get him and the welcome mat in the same pic with the glares in the mid-afternoon sun.  I still thought this pic below was hilarious. He was sitting so perfect, hoping to get the chance to run out the front door! 🙂  It cracked me up! I had to share it.  I often think we only trained him to “Sit” & “Stay” so I could get good photos of him or make him sit/stay outside of the frame of the pic I’m trying to take without him! WHAT A GOOD DOG!!!! [He definitely got a treat for his efforts!]

What did you buy this weekend??? How do your animals/kids act when your other half is away??? Link away to your fun pics on your blogs from your weekend!

I’m off now to buy my new lens from B&H Photo!! I saved up to buy it and can’t wait to use it!!!  I opted not to rent it first so let’s hope I love it….I have a very strong feeling it will be perfect!!!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - Toby is GORGEOUS. I have a Golden too, only he lives with my mom now. His name is Clinton, and he’s the most precious thing in the world!!

I love the Welcome mat… simple and elegant!

Christin@purplebirdblog - Apparently my little dog is always just bummed out when I’m not here and lays in our bedroom by himself! He is with me constantly when I’m at home 🙂

tori - @ Michele – LOVE the name Clinton for a doggie! So cute!! Well, even for a boy! How cute!! Thanks for the compliments! We love him 🙁 I’d love to see pics of your Clinton!

@ Christin – I’m sure!!! I always imagine my Toby is glad we leave so he can have some peace and quiet and sleep but I know he’s pitiful!

Kyla - just wanted to thank you for the info about the photo on my blog that was not showing up! The problem is hopefully solved. Also Toby is ADORBS!!! so calm and well behaved looking! Lucky you!!

Christa - Awe such a good pup! We always said if we get another it will be a golden. We currently have a Samoyed named Murphy and I think he gets separation anxiety, he does not like when we leave and sits at the front window. But i know for a fact he makes himself comfy on our beds once we’re gone!

tori - @ Kyla – no problem!!! I’d want someone to tell me! 🙂 Thanks so much Kyla! He is great MOST of the time. He has his moments. Don’t we all!

tori - @ Christa – Thanks!!! We love our golden. My hubby grew up w/ them and I was hesitant to get a golden….didn’t think I’d like them! Boy was I wrong! he’s the best! Samoyeds are great too! You have the same hair problem we do but on a smaller scale right? Are samoyeds smaller than our 75 lb golden?

Roz - HI Tori, OMG, your dog is just ADORABLE. THanks so much for sharing the photos!!! PS: Love the ice crystal one, even though you don’t think its perfect! Have a great week.

Christa - Yes, his hair is more wispy not fine so it kind of clumps :/ He is smaller about 55 lbs but he looks big because of the fur! We are actually seriously thinking about purchasing a Roomba, we have all tile and it’s just out of control!

tori - we’ve heard great things about the roomba from pet owners but never used one ourselves. please let me know what you think!!!

Roz - WHAT a cutie!!!! Your dog is adorable!!! Have a good Monday.


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Amy - Toby is so cute:)

cassandra-m - Aaawweeeeeeeeee….I am hugging Toby through my computer right now. These are awesome. I am so HAPPY that someone else blogs pics of their doggie as much as me…hee hee. love it. My pup Mocha says “Hi Toby…good dog for sitting for pics”….

tori - @ Hershel! Thanks so much! I love that B&H commented!! That’s awesome!!!
@ Amy – thanks!!!! 😉 We think so!
@ Cassandra – Toby says “HI” to Mocha too!!! Toby is my “child” at least for 6 more months. I definitely take pics of him….ALL THE TIME! He’s the best subject. Often wonder how I’ll be as a photog once the kiddos come around and start moving and don’t listen to “sit” and “stay” so well! 🙂 We’ll see!!!!!

tori - @ ROZ – sorry! your comment was spammed! just pulled it out! 🙂

tori - @ ROZ – sorry again! Got your comment out of spam! Thanks for the compliments!

Katherine S. - I LOVE your entry-way rug!! If you don’t mind my asking, where did you get it??

tori - Thank you!!! I love it too!!! I don’t mind you asking at all! I’m an open book! I got it at Target!

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