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Wildtree Online Party | Natural Products Tori Loves.

So, I don’t have time for any more jobs, but I do like to share things that I love with you. I’d probably sell this stuff myself if I had the time, but having no time means I’m having a party and buying and sharing these great products with you instead!

About Wildtree.

Some of these products are even “too packaged” for me. But, good on them for trying to make packaged foods healthier. You know we eat convenience foods in this country so if we can make them less processed and with fewer chemicals, then way to go! Especially if you have picky kids! Many of these products are GREAT for kids.

My favorite products.

I love their grapeseed oils…flavored and unflavored. Their blueberry jam is to die for!! It’s a best seller.  I love their seasonings. I wrote a post a while back about making homemade taco seasoning due to the ingredients in them. Wildtree has healthy alternatives.  You can read that post here.

Why choose Wildtree Grapeseed Oil over the store brand?! Chemicals!!

You can read about chemical extraction here. I only buy grapeseed oil when it’s expeller pressed. And, I prefer grapseed oil to olive oil for cooking due to it’s higher smoke point [it burns less easily].

If you’d like to join my party and order online…send me an email at tori [at] fitoriblog [dot] com, comment below [when you leave your email I’ll see it but no one else will], or “contact me” on the top of the page.

Some favorite products from my friends:

  • fettuccine seasoning [less yucky than the goopy stuff that comes in a jar]
  • spaghetti seasoning
  • blueberry jam [my family and everyone’s fave too]
  • grapeseed oils [again everyone’s fave]
  • taco and fajita seasoning, scampi seasoning

I think this link works to order but to be on the safe side, send me your email address – in a comment, via email or via contact page and I’ll be sure you get your own invite!!! Let me know if you have questions!!! Link I think works to order here.

Download the 2012 Wildtree Catalog PDF


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