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No, I didn’t win it all, but I did win a little trophy!  🙂 I placed 5th out of 11.  And, top 5 get a trophy, so…there’s my little cup!  And, yes, we are in the parking lot of the Outback and it was fabulous. And, no, I did not get sick. Just more bloated after the carbs & water than on stage.

Short story with the long one to follow shortly….

I showed up for weigh/sign-in’s and was told I had to choose between Figure & Bikini! :-O

Both my trainer and one of the judges said Bikini – Bikini it was!  (I now have my Figure Suit for sale though – FYI) I wanted to do Figure all along but knew I had not leaned out enough and was ok with that but still holding on to feelings of disappointment for not following through with my initial goal of Figure. I was actually most upset in that moment that I hadn’t spent more money on my Bikini Suit!!!  I didn’t have any padding in it and there was no pocket for it and I knew that mattered. Darn!  It was too late….so I was going on stage as ME and would see what happened!  Nothing I could do at that point!

I placed 5th of 11…honest win!  I’m totally happy with that.  I had a GREAT time. I enjoyed my time on stage.  I enjoyed myself throughout the day and I did well.  I could do better on my next one….if I ever decide to do this again. If I did it again, I would only do Bikini. I have realized the Figure is NOT for me…that’s too lean for me and I’m totally fine with that. (More to come on my realizations and the journey to the stage for me.)  I would do it on MY time schedule and MY way though if there ever was a next time!

My feedback from one judge was to build my shoulders and lats for Figure…agreed!  I would love bigger shoulders and lats!  I will work on that!  Feedback from the Bikini judge (btw, they knew my blog and read it!!! :-D) was leaner booty and more padding in my suit.  Again, got it!  That’s honest feedback and I totally agree and couldn’t be happier with my “critique” and my experience.

I am proud of the package I presented!  I enjoyed my day. I enjoyed my time on stage. I enjoyed my brief time with our friends who came in town to visit.

I can’t thank my friends and family enough for ALL of their support!  I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I can’t wait for the next phase of my life.  I am so excited to start trying out new, healthy recipes for all of you!

Full blog post to follow on my entire experience and what I really think about competing & health now…..after it’s all over……

shawna - I am so proud of you for following through. SO PROUD! I know it has been quite a roller coaster & I am so glad this journey of self discovery has been as insightful you’d hoped! 😀

April - Awesome! You look so happy in the photo above 🙂

I was actually just telling someone the other day that i’m sick of fighting what my body wants to do. Meaning I just cannot get THAT lean. Okay, cannot may not be the right word…will not get that lean 😉 Just in case Pauline Nordin is ready your blog.

tori - I feel the same way. It hit me when a trainer told me that I am fighting what my body naturally wants since I’m in these child bearing years, in order to get that low in BF%, I will be fighting against it….my natural instinct was NO NO NO NO! I want to give my body what it needs, not fight against it. She also told me that I WILL be tired, I WILL feel bad in order to fight my body and that did not sit well with me. April, you and I have a lot in common!!! Can’t wait to keep sharing through our blogs all that we learn!!!

Stacey - Congrats! You look so stinkin cute in that picture 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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