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YOU [& your kids] are what YOU eat! | Origins

origins book pregnancy dietI first heard of epigenetics on the Dr. Oz show a few years back & was fascinated!!  I couldn’t believe that genes could be turned on and off based on what happens in the womb, including weight at conception, weight gain & stress during pregnancy and prenatal nutrition! It makes so much sense!  A great book that includes some info about this is YOU: Having a baby [love Dr. Oz].  It’s one of my favorite pregnancy books & if you’re only going to buy one….buy that one! [It’s located in my sidebar on the right side from Amazon.]

But for a more in depth look into “how the 9 months before birth shape the rest of our lives” read Origins.  Check my sidebar for this one too!

The book discusses the history of pregnancy, which is…fascinating!  People used to think that the placenta filtered everything from reaching the fetus!  They would drink & take meds & had no idea that it reached the fetus.  She tells the stories of how it was discovered that certain drugs caused birth defects!  How awful!

Of course the weight and nutrition aspect of this book is what interested me the most!  A few fascinating facts from the book:

  • “greater weight gain by a woman during pregnancy was associated with a heavier child at age three” [p. 18]
  • The children of a mother who has weight loss surgery in between pregnancies will have different obesity rates.  The children born after the weight loss surgery are three times less likely to be severely obese than their older siblings. So, the intrauterine environment, regardless of prenatal nutrition is a factor in the future obesity of your children! [p. 18-19]
  • “an obese woman who loses weight before getting pregnant is making an investment in her offspring’s future health.” [p. 19]
  • What scares me is that I am priming my daughter’s taste for sugary, fatty or salty foods based on what I’m eating during pregnancy and the first years of her life through nursing!  [Hopefully my first & second trimester food aversions won’t affect my girl!]

I can’t tell you ALL of the awesome facts in this book….there are SO many!!! The book discusses how stress and severe stress events like 9/11 can impact fetuses.  And, rest easy, the author discusses how little cortisol reaches the fetus and how stress may actually be GOOD for the fetus!

Along with meds, stress and nutrition/obesity/diabetes/birth weight, there are also chapters on alcohol, gender, exercise, mood, emotions/depression, mental disorders, poverty, sexuality, chemicals and environmental factors, vaccinations, and birth to name a few!

What was the most impressive discovery you’ve had about nutrition, exercise, environment, healthy lifestyle and it’s effects?


TheHealthyApron - Oh I’m So interested in getting both books! I also love Dr. Oz!! Thanks for the recommendations!

Becky - Hmm, I am not sure I agree with the ‘priming the taste buds’ theory. I have twins so they were subjected to the same foods throughout my pregnancy / BFing. They have VERY different taste. My daughter is not interested in sweets or chocolate at all. My son is a chocolate and sweet lover, like me. They are opposite to each other in almost every way.

Heidi - Those look so interesting! I actually just read a short article about that(which I can’t find now). Such interesting stuff, I’ll have to look for those. Thanks for bringing them up 😀

Christin@purplebirdblog - My mom was tiny and petite all through her pregnancy, and I am tall and heavier. She apparently lived on cheeseburgers though, so maybe that’s what happened, lol! 😉

la. - This is interesting. I wonder about babies in the womb and stuff. I worked at Starbucks while preggers so I wonder…

Amy - Hey Tori! I’m thinking about buying this book but was wondering if I should buy the book or buy it on my nook? I didn’t know if it was a good one to keep “on my shelf”

tori - Hmmmmmm…….I have highlighted a lot of it. I would have it handy to re-read what you highlight for when you are preggo….every time. I plan to re-read it and parts of it again to remind myself and have some of the info fresh when I’m preggo again. Let me know what you think!

tori - You worried about the caffeine? noise? I think it’s all interesting but realize that we don’t know enough to be too crazy and sometimes things we think are bad (stress) may actually be good…. so we really don’t know enough. Everything in moderation!

tori - HA! 🙂 My mom is tiny, short and petite. It’s always funny to me when mom and daughter are so different in size. I borrowed my mom’s shoes in the 5th grade and never again. She’s a 6 1/2 and I’m a 9!

tori - Send me the article if you find it!!! I’d love to read it!! I think it’s fascinating too!!!

tori - That makes me feel better, Becky!!! Thanks!!!!

tori - Awesome! Let me know what you think!

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