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Your tastes will change, I promise…

We started a few years ago replacing some unhealthy and processed foods with healthier versions.  We replaced white bread with whole grain/wheat versions (bread? what’s that? we haven’t had bread in the house in over a year!), then white pasta with whole wheat, brown for white rice and yams for white potatoes.  We don’t even think about the “bad” stuff anymore but when we go out we often eat a “cheat” meal with the bad stuff and it becomes evident both how bad we feel when we eat it and how much we have grown to like the taste better of the healthier versions. For our family, we don’t handle carbs too well so we feel better when we eat less of them and whole grain versions.

I had a “cheat” meal during my contest prep and my trainer told me to carb up on as many yams as I wanted. GREAT!  So, when I went to Outback I ordered a couple of yams.  I COULDN’T EAT THEM!  I ordered them plain and still they were oily. I looked it up after a friend (Thanks Kristin) mentioned that the yams at Outback still have 4-5 g of FAT even plain! A plain yam has ZERO fat.  They use some sort of oil/fat to cook them and it was GROSS!!!!  I had to make my own PLAIN yams and add cinnamon!

Two things I learned from that Outback Sweet Potato Experience….

  1. You can’t control what goes in your food when you eat out so eat out limited amounts. We only eat out once or twice a week (well, my hubby has lunch during the week out more than I d0.)  I only eat out once a week, if that!
  2. Our tastes will change toward healthy foods if we just give them a chance.  My husband laughs at me when I “ooh and aah”  over my bowl of broccoli, but it tastes YUMMY!  Experiment with new foods that are good for you…you just might be surprised!!!

I urge you to pick ONE thing today that you can substitute and try it.  Don’t even tell your family…they probably won’t notice.  If they do, ask them to try the new item for a few weeks. You’ll be amazed how your tastes will change!!! A few substitutions to try….

  • Try subbing instant oatmeal for your sugary (all cereals are sugary) breakfast cereal
  • Try subbing old fashioned oatmeal for your instant oatmeal
  • Try whole wheat versions of your regular breads and pastas
  • Try brown rice instead of white
  • Try sweet potatoes or yams instead of white potatoes
  • Try some of these things without butter or with less butter. Try olive oil or salt/pepper or cinnamon and other Mrs. Dash seasonings instead

TRY:  Make a sweet potato (I use the “potato” button on my microwave…genius) and add cinnamon!  If you need something sweeter, add agave nector or honey…but if you give it some time on a healthy (less sweet) diet, I promise your tastes will change and you will grow to enjoy and actually TASTE some of your foods!!!  If you’re contest prepping – you can add a stevia/splenda packet or Molly McButter if you need a little extra flavor and don’t mind the added chemicals (ew).

joy - Oh, I love sweet potatos… they are my “treat” food… I slice them into “french fry pieces” and then drizzle them with butter or olive oil, a bunch of sweet paprika and Watkins Cinnamin and a touch of sea salt and bake for 45 minutes… YUM

And, I can’t do this w/out a yogurt aoli sauce (Yogurt, paprika, cinnamon and a dash of cyanne pepper)

You are so right about tastes changing! We have also gone w/out bread and I always feel so blahhhh if I eat it now… and I’m doing my best to keep from feeding Reagan any white flour-based stuff… this is so tough b/c our culture is so consumed with feeding babies anything made by Gerber. My rule of thumb is that if Gerber makes it, I’m staying away from it. Way too processed for me and hence my kiddo!

Thanks for the thoughts!

tori - And that is why I like you so much! Can’t wait to meet you in July!!!!

Colleen - I found a recipe that we love and thought I’d share it with you. I don’t know anything about amber agave nectar and didn’t know if it followed the diet so I just cook the fish with pepper and remove all salt from the dish. So good. It’s our new fave.

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